Another group of ex-combatants return to society after rehabilitation

Three decades of war came to an end in May 2009. The Government Rehabilitation program was officially commenced on October 2009 for Ex-LTTE cadres who had surrendered to enter the rehabilitation process. The Bureau of the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation (BCGR) was vested with the responsibility of rehabilitating former combatants. The latest releases on 26th October 2011 bring the total of ex-combatants rehabilitated and reintegrated back into society to nearly 10,000 from the initial total of 11,600. The Rehabilitation program had a six pillar approach as below and all programs conducted were based on these pillars.

1. Religious, Spiritual and Cultural Rehabilitation

2. Vocational Rehabilitation

3. Educational Rehabilitation

4. Family and Community Rehabilitation

5. Health, Psychosocial and Creative Therapy Rehabilitation

6. Sports and Extracurricular Rehabilitation

Performance by ex combatants

By Dr Safras

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