Diaspora offers to build Psychosocial centres

At the first meeting of the Civil Society Partnership for Reconciliation, held at the Reconciliation Office on November 1st, it was decided to recommend projects for support from the diaspora. The following project proposal follows on the establishment of seven such Psychosocial Centres in the Northern Province. Individuals who are interested in arranging sponsorship as requested, if required through an organization, should get in touch with Pushpi Weerakoon at the Reconciliation Office (slreconciliationunit@gmail.com / pushpiweerakoon@yahoo.co.uk) to indicate interest. We cannot of course monitor or guarantee activity, but we are aware that many individuals in the diaspora, of all communities, are anxious to help their fellow Sri Lankans, and in particular those now resettled in the Wanni. Several organizations have already provided assistance, but this project will allow concerted assistance in a field requiring much support.

Members of the diaspora in New Zealand have already indicated interest in working for the establishment of such a Centre in Oddusudan. Work in other areas in Mullaitivu and Mannar and Kilinochchi is encouraged.

Project Proposal to build Psychosocial centres:
Download PDF –  Project Proposal for Psychosocial Centres 3

Students from Velvettiturai attend Italian Opera at the Mt Lavinia Hotel

Opera was a new experience for students from Velvettithurai visiting Colombo on an exchange programme arranged by the Rotary Club of Colombo Mid-Town. In addition to the usual visits, including Parliament, as well as interactions with the business community, they were invited to the Mt Lavinia Hotel to view artists from the Teatro alla Scala Academy of Lyric Opera in Milan.

The event had been organized by the Italian Embassy in collaboration with several sponsors, and the ambassador kindly offered 10 tickets, worth Rs 3000 each, to the Reconciliation office for the students who would be visiting. They were accompanied by Prof Rajendran who had helped to arrange the visit.

Before the concert the students were greeted by the Italian ambassador Fabrizio Pia Arpea, and his Deputy, Dr Luca Rubagotti, as well as the Russian ambassador. The picture shows the students with their host and the Head of UNICEF, along with Pushpi Weerakoon, who coordinated the visit.