Smiles worth millions – Artificial Limbs for War Amputees with Indian support for the Ministry of Health programmes

Picture – ‘’Both these children lost their limbs due to the war , but the new limbs they got give hope of a new beginning- a new life. The smile is worth a million’’.
Following nearly three decades of war many lost their limbs among them Civilians, members of the Security Forces and Ex-combatants. The Ministry of Health and Social Services with the support of INGOs and NGOs took up this challenge and provided required artificial limbs to those in need.
Apart from many programs conducted in Manik Farm , the Indian High Commission supported the provision of 1400 artificial limbs through the Jaipur-based Bhagwan Mahavir Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS). Among these 1400 beneficiaries there were 400 Security Forces Personals, 400 Ex-combatants and the rest were IDPs from Welfare Villages. The artificial limb camp took place at Ananda Kumaraswamy Village (Zone 01) in Manik Farm in early 2010.

Once an artificial limb is provided there is a need of further follow up. Presently there are a few organizations a working on this regard in the Northern Province but more attention is needed.

By Dr.A.S.A.Safras

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