Kokweliya irrigation Anicut scheme inaugurated

The newly Reconstructed Kokweliya irrigation Anicut scheme was ceremonially inaugurated by Governor of Northern Province GA Chandrasiri at Kokweliya, Vavuniya on 12th November 2011.
The project, which will be handed over to the Department of Agrarian Services of the Ministry of Agrarian Services and Wildlife, will help 155 resettled farming families in the Kokweliya to restart their traditional agricultural based livelihood.
The 13 Million(Rs) worth project, which is part of a 3-year IOM community development programme in Sri Lanka’s Northern and Central Provinces, will enable controlled irrigation for paddy cultivation in both wet and dry farming seasons, reduce flooding of farmland and provide access to neighbouring villages as well.
Religious Clergies, Government Agent of Vavuniya Mrs.P.S.M.Charles, Project Manager of IOM Charignon Patrick, Regional Commissioner for Vavuniya and Mannar districts I.S.M Mohideen, Divisional Secretary of Vavuniya South division, Assistant Commissioner of Department of Agrarian Services for Vavuniya and public also participated in this function.

Inaugurated by Governor of Northern Province GA Chandrasiri & Project Manager of IOM Charignon Patrick

Lighting of the traditional oil lamp by a local women in the presence of Northern province GA & IOM officials Charignon Patrick & Vedha Karrupiah.

Opening the anicut gates.....

It is hoped that the resettled will benefit from this scheme not only for agriculture but through the development of agri-business skills too, in line with training programmes that have been initiated.

Source: http://www.np.gov.lk

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