Former Combatants cruise down the Kelani River to draw attention to Climate Change

A Cruise down the Kelani River was organized by environmentalists from August 17th to 29th 2011 to draw attention to climate changes that are occurring with ever increasing frequency, and to spread the message that caring for the environment is an urgent imperative.

A multi-ethnic and multi-religious group of 21 youngsters participated in the cruise, amongst them two former combatants who were undergoing rehabilitation with the Bureau of the Commissioner General of Rehabilitation (BCGR). The CGR Major General Chandana Rajaguru and Dr. ASA Safras, Rehabilitation Healthcare Coordinator for BCGR, attended the ceremony to launch this undertaking.

The cruise commenced at Sri Pada, the mountain which is the source of the Kelani River. During the twelve-day boat ride down the river, the 2 former combatants representing the rehabilitation bureau had the opportunity to join their colleagues in various environmental observations, yoga classes and leadership training sessions. They also too full advantage to mix with people from other ethnicities.

The 12-day 150 km cruise was an excellent opportunity to educate the people on both banks of the river on the need to safeguard its waters from pollution. The cruise terminated near Crows’ Island at Mattakkuliya, the point at which the Kelani River empties into the sea after its meandering journey.

Bureau of the CGR

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