Jaffna Teaching Hospital Authorities Turn to Army for Blood

More than 200 officers and other ranks as well as members of the civil staff serving the 55 Division Headquarters atVettalaikerny, Jaffna, in response to a request gave away their blood for the use of Tamil civilians under treatment at Jaffna Teaching Hospital during a mobile project on account of Poson Full Moon Day (23).

The Army was compelled to organize this campaign after medical officers at Jaffna Teaching Hospital turned to the Army for blood since an acute shortage exists in the Jaffna Blood Bank. The matter was brought to the notice of the 55 Division Headquarters by medical authorities.

The blood donation project continued for more than 5 hours with the support of a medical team, attached to the Jaffna Teaching Hospital and the Army Medical Inspection Room at 55 Division Headquarters.

Dr Pirathipan, Dr V. Thanushan, (both from Jaffna Teaching Hospital), Public Health Inspector Raveenathas, Nursing Officer S. Raveenthiran, Nursing Officer L. Thabothan, Nursing Officer T. Achchuthavanthara, Nursing Assistant S. Shanthakumar, Nursing Assistant P. Katheeswaran and Nursing Assistant K. Kamsan, assisted the conduct of the blood donation clinic.

Brigadier B.H.M.A Wijesinghe, General Officer commanding, 55 Division visited the place several times to supervise the smooth conduct of the mobile clinic assisted by the Civil Affairs Coordinator of the 55 Division.


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