Army’s New Project Brings more Profit to Jaffna Milk Farmers

Security Force-Jaffna (SF-J) recently started a new project to buy milk from Jaffna dairy farmers enhancing their economy. The new project was initiated from February 13th on concept of the Commander SF-J Major General Udaya Perera.

The 5th Sri Lanka Army Service Corps (5 SLASC) of Kankesanthurai daily buys milk from farmers of Inuvil, Suthumalai and Ponnalai at collecting centres of Balasingham Thutharsan, Pathmanathan Thuvanthan and M. parameshwaran.

Milk farmers now get extra income by selling their products to the Army. They earlier got only Rs. 48/= per litre whereas Army is now paying Rs. 60/= per litre. It is the fervent hope of the Army to improve economy of dairy farmers of Jaffna and raise the life standard of their families through this project.

Milk bought from farmers is used by the 5 SLASC to produce yoghurt for soldiers. The battalion expects to expand the project to some other areas.