Army Brings Specialists from Colombo to Conduct Heart Clinics for Civilians

nurseContinuing Civil Military Interdependency activities introduced by the incumbent Jaffna Commander Major General Udaya Perera, 511 Brigade of Ottahapulam and 512 Brigade of Jaffna town arranged two medical clinics for civilians in their areas on March 29th and 30th at Urumpirai and Kolombuthurai.

The clinics were conducted by two cardiologists from the Navaloka Hospital Colombo, Dr. Richard Saldana and Krishan de Silva assisted by medical officers and nurses and Army doctors. Over 300 civilians attended the medical camps and medical advice was given to those in need and some of them were referred to the nearest hospital.

Earlier three patients with acute heart diseases were cured after three successful surgeries done in Colombo on Kajenthini (21), Santhus (3) and Apisha (3) with intervention of the 511 Brigade when it was based at Atchelu.

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