Foundation stones laid down in Atchuveli Industrial Zone – 16 April 2014


“The project will be implemented under full grant assistance of the Government of India with an estimated outlay of Sri Lankan Rs. 192 million (US$ 1.7 million). The completion of the project is expected to provide a boost to economic activities in the Jaffna Peninsula and generate local employment, both direct and indirect, for about 2,000 people.
It is also expected to lead to flow of significant investments to increase production capacities in the sectors of textiles, plastic and leather products, food processing, agro-based industries, oil and fibre products, etc., thereby resulting in better utilisation of local resources.

The project will be implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development of the Government of Sri Lanka. Necessary technical expertise and project management services will be provided by the United Nations (UNOPS).”

An event to lay foundation stones for three factories in the Atchuveli Industrial Zone was held on 16th April 2014. Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development Douglas Devananda and Governor of the Northern Province GA Chandrasiri participated as chief guests and laid down the stones. Indian Consul General, Jaffna V.Mahalingam also participated at this event.

A plastic pipe factory, a fishing net factory and a factory of Hemas are to be constructed in the zone. This industrial zone is being established with the 225 million rupees financial support of Indian Government and 50 million rupees financial support of Sri Lankan Government.

This project is expected generate many job opportunities which will benefit the local residents at various categories.

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