513 Brigade Renovates Mavankallady – Thelippalai Road


Sharamadana was organized by the 513 Brigade on 12th June to reconstruct the road running from Mavankallady to Thelippalai and clean either side. This community welfare project was organized to mark the Poson Full Moon day. Nearly 85 soldiers representing 2nd Sri Lanka Light Infantry, 11th Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment and 14th Gemunu Watch participated in the Shramadana. This 5 km road is used by hundreds of civilians in Kolankallady Grama Niladhari Division on daily routine. Showing solidarity to this worthy act by the Army, about 35 villagers contributed their labour to make the Shramadana a success. The Brigade offered meals to all who took part in the programme.

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Corps of Military Police (SLCMP) attached to the Headquarters 51 Division held a workshop on road safety for students of Jaffna Central College at its auditorium recently. Officers of Jaffna Police delivered lectures during the workshop attended by 310 students and 7 teachers.