Mobile Service Conducted by EPC at Batticaloa


A mobile service was conducted under the guidance and chairmanship of Hon. Chief Minister Z.A. Nazeer Ahamed with the collaboration of Provincial Ministries and Departments, District Secretariat and other Central Government Agencies on 14.05.2015 at Municipal Council Hall, Batticaloa.

The objective of this mobile service is to seek solutions to the public problems faced in various sectors like agriculture, fisheries, industries, lands and irrigation, housing, local government services and other essential service sectors administered by the central government agencies.

Around 1091 complaints were received during this mobile service. Instant solutions were sought to 672 complaints, remaining complaints were treated for further action within a scheduled period. Provincial Ministries, Departments, Statutory bodies and Central Government Agencies took part in this service.

Jaffna University Faculties of Agriculture and Engineering to be Established in Kilinochchi

The Ministry of Higher Education is implementing a project that focuses on further developing the Jaffna University’s Faculties of Agriculture and Engineering.

“The Faculty of Agriculture, which was functioning at Kilinochchi, had to be shifted to the Jaffna University premises owing to the escalation of war and operated there under difficult conditions particularly due to limited space available,” said Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Higher Education Mr. P. Ranepura.

The Faculty is being shifted to Kilinochchi and will be renovated. Meanwhile, the Engineering Faculty that was functioning with limited facilities in Jaffna is also being relocated to Kilinochchi and further developed.

“We have drawn up plans to develop this Faculty as a priority development project of the Northern region,” Mr. Ranepura said.

Sri Lanka has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Indian Government through which India will provide financial assistance worth Rs. 600 million towards the development of these two faculties that will include infrastructure facilities and other requirements, including lecture halls, a conference hall, a computer laboratory, a library, a sports complex and administrative offices.

The Government of India has also agreed to extend its support for the development of the curricula, and organising faculty exchanges, training and research through affiliation to a prestigious Indian institution. A committee representing the Governments of Sri Lanka and India has been appointed to initiate and oversee the project.

“The expansion of the University of Jaffna to Kilinochchi is being done in line with the ‘University Township’ development plan,” Mr. Ranepura said. “With this development, there will be a lot of benefits to the community living in the area.”


Ministry of Higher Education
High Commission of India in Colombo

Exhibition at St. Michel’s College, Batticaloa


Department of Education jointly with Department of Agriculture conducted an educational exhibition on 29th & 30th May 2014 at St. Michael’s College, Batticaloa.

Department of Agriculture, Batticalo,a displayed appropriate and modern techniques which are useful for students and urban farmers at the exhibition .Urban agriculture farm machinery and equipment, crop clinics, cyber extension and agricultural information were clearly displayed at the exhibition. Majority of the students officers, farmers and urban people benefited by visiting the exhibition.

Newly Constructed Veterinary Office Building & Quarters at Rethithenna Opened

E1M3-20-01-2014Opening ceremony of newly constructed veterinary office building and quarters was held at Rethithenna on 20th of January 2014. Hon. Minister of Agriculture, EPC Eng. Z.A.Nazeer Ahamad was the Chief Guest at this ceremony.

Mr. K.Pathmanathan, Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture, EPC, Dr. T.K.Thavarajan, Provincial Director of Dept of Animal Production and Health and foreign Investors who participated in the “Invest in East” International Investor Forum held at Taj Samuthra Hotel, Colombo on 17th of January 2013 also participated in this special occasion. This veterinary office building and quarters was constructed by Central Department of Animal Production and Health, Peradeniya.


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Towards Reconciliation

Rajiva Wijesinha

Adviser on Reconciliation to HE the President


Four years after the conclusion of conflict, Sri Lanka still has a long way to go to achieve Reconciliation. This is unfortunate, given the enormous efforts made by government to improve facilities for the people most affected by war. But it is not surprising that, as indicated by the results of the last election held in the Northern Province, we have failed to win hearts and minds.

That would not have been difficult had a concerted effort been made. But this requires planning, and unfortunately planning is not something Sri Lanka has been good at. For over three decades now, we have tended to respond to events or rather to crises. The one exception was the care with which, in the period after 2005, we approached the conflict, with all branches of government working together and care taken to ensure the dissemination of clear and convincing information. Following the conclusion of the conflict however all that broke down, and propaganda, often based on parochial electoral considerations, took over, with little attempt at intelligent analysis of ground realities.

Thus we seemed to believe that reconstruction alone would suffice, and reconstruction that placed a premium on cement rather than people. This is on par with the worst delusions of capitalism as elevated into a political philosophy, the assumption that prosperity will trickle down. But this does not work, and Sri Lanka may in the end have to pay heavily for the failure to conceptualize with sensitivity of those who took on responsibility only for construction and not for consultation, who concentrated only on resettlement and not rather on restoration.

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Agriculture Exhibition and Trade Fair


“Revival of East” Agriculture Exhibition and Trade Fair was ceremoniously declared opened by Hon. Minister of Agriculture, EPC Hafees Naseer Ahamed on 18th August 2013 at Bt/Eravur Rahumaniya Maha Vidyalayam in Eravur, Batticaloa.

Main objective of this mega exhibition is to expose farmers and small industrialists to recent advances in production and value addition technologies and to provide leading technologies and service providers to showcase their services and latest products. At the conclusion of this exhibition innovative lead farmers were felicitated for their support and contribution to develop agriculture sector in Eastern Province.

Hon. M.L.A.M. Hisbullah, Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Hon. W. Dissanayake, Minister of Education (EP), Hon. M.S. Uthuma Lebbe, Minister of Roads (EP), Hon. M.I.M. Mansoor, Minister of Health (EP), Hon. W.G.M.A. Galappathi, Chairman of Eastern Provincial Council, Members of Eastern Provincial Council, Chief Secretary of Eastern Province, Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture (EP) are graced this occasion as special guests.

Japanese Government through IOM provides Food Security & Livelihoods

The project to strengthen food security and livelihoods of 150 beneficiaries in Eachalamkulam and Kalmadu in Vavuniya was funded by the Japanese Government through the IOM.

Field assistants in Tharanikulam, Eashwaripuram and Nochchikulam were given push bicycles and instructions to complete the identification of 25 quarter acre plots of farming in each village and map them out. They were also instructed to conduct a monthly evaluation to report the progress in their respective villages by visiting all the beneficiaries in the village.

The beneficiaries were also issued stationary to write the daily activities done by them, which would include land preparation, weeding, preparation of liquid fertilizer and application, harvesting, sale of products and income.

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Japanese Grant for Displaced Vavuniya Families

The government of Japan has provided US$ 89,825 (over Rs 11.7 million) in grant aid for a project to improve the livelihoods of the resettled people in the Vavuniya District under its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP), the embassy said.

‘The project for increasing Food Security with Comprehensive Measures in Vavuniya’, to be implemented by People’s Livelihood Development Foundation (PLDF), aims to improve agricultural activities and livelihoods of approximately 625 resettled families who are engaging in agricultural in the area.

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