Candles of Hope

Candles of HopeRinusha is a 22 year old Media Studies undergraduate of the University of Jaffna, and a budding young entrepreneur. After the end of the war when the Industrial Development Board (IDB) offered candle-making classes Rinusha enrolled herself for the class as she saw an opportunity to enhance her family income through this small home industry.

Once Rinusha finished her candle-making course at the IDB, she approached the Parish Priest of the church nearby; the church offered to buy Rinusha’s candles for 3 rupees per candle. The only thing which held back Rinusha from giving full expression to her enterprising nature was the lack of a capital of 5000 rupees to buy a candle mould.

News of her desire to seek a livelihood loan for her candle-making enterprise was conveyed to the Business Development Unit of Alliance Development Trust (ADT) through the IDB. The Business Development Unit was happy to offer a repayable loan to this budding young entrepreneur. Rinusha was soon in the business of making candles and generating an income from it. To date, Rinusha has made 2000 candles for various church festivals.

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