Army Receives Public Support to “Say No to Polythene” Project in Jaffna

cleaning 1

Jaffna soldiers received a massive public response and support in the grand Shramadana campaign organized by Security Force Jaffna (SF-J) to eradicate polythene, plastics and other waste materials in order to prevent environment pollution in Jaffna on Saturday (07). During this one day eco-friendly programme organized to mark the International Environment Day, soldiers representing all Divisions, Brigades and Battalions under the Headquarters SF-J collected and destroyed plastic and polythene wastes and empty containers posing threat to the health and environment problems.

A large number of civilians volunteered to join the Shramadana campaign conducted by the Army all over the peninsula on directives of Commander SF-J Major General Udaya Perera.

Earlier on 5th June, SF – J organized a bicycle tour from Navatkuly, Atchuvely, Maviddapuram and Vasavilan to Durayappah stadium to educate the public on the International Environment Day.

National principles must address local problems

Garbage dump polluting the air & destroying the scenic beauty

I have been confronted with many problems during meetings of Divisional Secretariat Reconciliation Committee meetings, but perhaps the most unusual was the question of garbage which came up at Kattankudy. I was told that garbage was being piled up at the edges of the area coming under the Secretariat, though I should hasten to add that this was not the fault of what seemed an efficient and responsive administration under the Divisional Secretary – yet another of the bright youngsters I keep coming across, who should be given greater responsibilities, with commensurate reporting obligations to the people they serve.

Waste disposal comes under local government institutions, and it seems that this Urban Council gets rid of garbage by depositing it near the sea on one side of the town, and near the lagoon on the other. What I was told seemed so bizarre that I decided I had to check this out for myself, so after the meeting I went on a tour of inspection, complicated by the fact that Kattankudy has very narrow roads, and it was Friday afternoon, which meant that they were blocked by thousands of motor-bikes as the faithful gathered for prayers.

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