International Women’s Day celebrated – Vavuniya 10 March 2015

iwdProvincial Ministry of Health & Indigenous Medicine celebrated the International Women’s Day at Vavuniya Urban Council Cultural Hall on 10 March 2015. Chief Minister of Northern Province Justice C.V.Wigneswaran participated as Chief Guest. Mrs. S. Sujeeva, Asst. Secretary, Ministry of Health chaired the event.

Wannai Parliamentarian Vino Noharathalingam, Dr.Pathmanathan Sathiyalingam – Minister of Health and Indigenous Medicine, C.V.K.Sivagnanam – Provincial Council Chairman, Provincial Council members, Staffs and public also present at this event.

An awareness public rally was held from Vavuniya Zonal Education Office to the Vavuniya Urban Council Cultural Hall.

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Strengthening The Reconciliation Process In Sri Lanka

I am pleased to have been asked to speak today on Reconciliation, at the meeting to mark International Women’s Day, because it is clear that women have a great role to play with regard to Reconciliation. Most important perhaps, in today’s context, is the need to act as advocates for coherent policies and actions with regard to reconciliation. I must admit to being deeply disappointed that this government, which we welcomed with such hopes, has put reconciliation on the back burner. It cannot assume that healing will come just because of goodwill, just as it cannot assume that prosperity will come to all of us through economic growth. We need concerted action, and that action must be based on carefully prepared plans.

One of the problems though with this government is that it is led by people who avoided the responsibilities of the political offices they held in the last few years. So we have no understanding of good government, because there was no effort to engage, and for instance promote efforts to strengthen Parliament against the encroaching executive. At Consultative Committee meetings with regard for instance to Resettlement, or Public Administration Reforms, members of the Opposition did not turn up, and they did not raise issues that continue to affect those who suffered in the conflict. And now they make platitudinous pronouncements about pursuing reconciliation, but have not set up a dedicated mechanism. They have ignored the work done by the LLRC Action Plan Task Force, they have ignored the draft National Policy on Reconciliation, which can easily be adopted, with amendments if needed. They seem, with no knowledge of mechanics, determined to reinvent the wheel, and are meanwhile content to trundle along on skateboards. Though the recent appointment of a Task Force on Reconciliation is welcome, it would have been better had this occurred as the government was elected, so that work could have commenced at once.

I have sent the head of the Task Force a copy of the draft policy, because, prepared as it was with inputs from the more civilized elements in all political parties, as well as constructive members of Civil Society, it has a lot of suggestions that could easily be taken forward. The last government unfortunately did not want to act because, like ostriches with their heads in the sand, they wanted to claim that there was no problem. Continue reading

Self-Employment Batik Training Project for Women in Jaffna– 15 March 2014


“Empowering the women through self employment has been a successful project in the recent past. After the end of hostilities the government has implemented a program to identify the requirements of the women society and fulfilling those through effective programs. This is one such program.”

Self-Employment Batik Training Project for Women in Jaffna was commenced in Chankanai on 15th March 2014. Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development Douglas Devananda and Governor of the Northern Province GA Chandrasiri participated as chief guest and officially inaugurated the project.

Ministry of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprise Development, National Craft Council and Rotary Club jointly organized this project at a cost of 3 million rupees.

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Army Organizes Awareness Lecture on Violence against Women for Jaffna Women

An awareness lecture on violence against women organized by the Security Force – Jaffna (SF – J) was held at Chavakachcheri Cultural centre on Sunday (09) afternoon to mark the International Women’s Day. Rights and responsibilities of women and legal protection for women against violence were among the topics of the lecture delivered by Sub Inspector M. Nitharsan of Thelippalai Police Station. The lecture was organized by Commanding Officer 7th Sri Lanka Army Women’s Corps Major Chandrika Rajaguru with coordination of the 523 Brigade. Nearly 350 women in the 52 Division area attended the lecture.

Meanwhile, with coordination of the 521 Brigade, 19th Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment (SLSR) offered lunch to 60 inmates of the female and children’s wards of Manthikai hospital the same day.