Japanese Government through IOM provides Food Security & Livelihoods

The project to strengthen food security and livelihoods of 150 beneficiaries in Eachalamkulam and Kalmadu in Vavuniya was funded by the Japanese Government through the IOM.

Field assistants in Tharanikulam, Eashwaripuram and Nochchikulam were given push bicycles and instructions to complete the identification of 25 quarter acre plots of farming in each village and map them out. They were also instructed to conduct a monthly evaluation to report the progress in their respective villages by visiting all the beneficiaries in the village.

The beneficiaries were also issued stationary to write the daily activities done by them, which would include land preparation, weeding, preparation of liquid fertilizer and application, harvesting, sale of products and income.

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Japanese Grant for Displaced Vavuniya Families

The government of Japan has provided US$ 89,825 (over Rs 11.7 million) in grant aid for a project to improve the livelihoods of the resettled people in the Vavuniya District under its Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Project (GGP), the embassy said.

‘The project for increasing Food Security with Comprehensive Measures in Vavuniya’, to be implemented by People’s Livelihood Development Foundation (PLDF), aims to improve agricultural activities and livelihoods of approximately 625 resettled families who are engaging in agricultural in the area.

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