Army Organizes New Year Festival for Children at Konapulam

Children of Konapulam had a day full of fun when the 513 Brigade assisted by the 14th Gemunu Watch (14 GW) organized a New Year festival on Monday (14) at Konapulam grounds.

A large number of children participated in the festival which included many sports and games for them. Villagers in and around Konapulam supported the Army in organizing this New Year celebration.

Commander Security Force Jaffna Major General Udaya Perera, General Officer Commanding 51 Division Brigadier Chula Abenayake, Commander 511 Brigade Colonel Priyanka Fernando, Army and Police personnel and a large crowd of villagers witnessed the event.

Rev. Fr. Wasantha Kumara of Inuvil Church, Divisional Secretary Thelippalai Mr. Sri Mohanan and District Secretary Santhilippay Mr. S. Muralitharan were among the invited guests.

SF-(J) Commander Gives 100 Scholarships to Konapulam Children at His First Public Function


Major General Udaya Perera, former Commander of Security Forces Headquarters – (Kilinochchi), assumed duties as the Commander Security Forces – (Jaffna) on Friday (10). He commenced duties in the office signing the first official document at auspicious time after observing religious formalities.

Commander security Forces – (Jaffna) (SF-J) Major general Udaya Perera, a few hours after assuming duties in the office, attended a scholarships award ceremony at Mallakam on Friday (10) afternoon. Under this programme, 100 schoolchildren residing at Konapulam open welfare centre (muham) will receive an allowance of Rs. 500/= for a period of one year as an inducement to continue with their education.

Launching the programme, SF-(J) Commander handed over the passbooks to beneficiaries from low income families of the village. Addressing children and parents gathered at Konapulam Vairavar Temple, where the ceremony was held, Maj. Gen. Perera urged them to take interest in their education giving value to those scholarships they received today. He further expressed his pleasure for being able to attend a community welfare function of this nature the same day he took over duty.

The SF-(J) Commander did not forget to share his views with media personnel and villagers present at the venue. Responding to media, he revealed that government’s fervent hope is to resettle all who lost their lands due to war. He further said that more than 90% have already been resettled in their homesteads and the rest will get lands and shelter in near future.

Rev. Fr. Wasanthan of Inuvil Church of South India, Divisional Secretary Thelippalai Mr. Sri Mohanan and Ms Mathista of Mavadipuram Nadeswara Vidyalaya, a beneficiary, addressed the meeting and admired the effort taken by the Army to enhance education of Jaffna.

General Officers Commanding 51, 52 and 55 Divisions, Commander 513 Brigade, Senior Army officers and villagers were present.