Traditional & Vintage Arts of the Northern Province – Concert and Awarding Ceremony 2014 – 28 June 2014

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“Traditional or vintage art of Tamils have been unique features this country. Tamil tradition includes music, dance, dance drama, drama, koothu and many more. This is an encouraging move where effort have been taken to preserve and promote vintage arts of Tamils.”

The concert and awarding ceremony of the Indigenous Arts Competition 2014 which was organized by Governor’s Secretariat of Northern Province under the guidance and patronage of the Governor of the Northern Province GA Chandrasiri was held on 28th June 2014 in IlankaiVenthan KalaiKalloori, Jaffna.

Governor of the Northern Province GA Chandrasiri graced the event as the chief guest and presented awards to the artists. Chief Secretary of the Northern Provincial Council Mrs.R.Wijialudchumi, Secretary to the Governor L.Ilaangovan, Mayoress of Jaffna District Mrs.Y.Patkunarajah and Vice Chancellor of Jaffna University Mrs.V.Arasaratnam also graced the occasion as special guest.

Award winning dramas and other forms of indigenous arts were staged. The auditorium was filled with large amount of people and artistes.

These competition was organized to preserve the indigenous arts of Northern people. The artists paid their gratitude to Governor for organizing such competitions. An 80 year old artiste expressed this with tearful eyes “I started my dance at 12 years old and now I got recognition at my age of 80.” An artiste from Mullativu district said “This is the first time having a recognition in my generation” He thanked Governor.

In provincial level, first three places received 1 hundred thousand rupees, 75 thousand rupees and 50 thousand rupees respectively. They were also honored with shields and certificates. Consolation prizes also presented to the artistes.

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Counting the Dead and Paying the Cost

The Daily Mirror reported last week that between November 30 and December 10, the government would carry out a census of those who were killed or who had disappeared, during the war years – July 1983 to May 2009. The subject dealt elsewhere in writings as the numbers game.


For those affected or accused it is no game. The impact is quite serious. The LLRC recommended were ,’ Conduct a professionally designed household survey covering all affected families in all parts of the island to ascertain first hand the scale and circumstances of death and injury to civilians, as well as damage to property during the period of the conflict.

The progress has been – Using data on ‘Population and Housing Census 2012′ covering the entire country including North and East Provinces for the first time since 1981, Department of Census and Statistics is taking following initial steps to conduct a survey on affected families.

Steering committee comprising senior officers of relevant Ministries and Agencies meets fortnightly to discuss activities related to the census on death/injuries to persons and property damages due to conflict.

The methodology suitable to conduct the census was devised and data collection forms were designed. Both were pre-tested in selected GN divisions in Vavuniya, Polonnaruwa and Mullativu districts in order to cover different conflict situations since 1982.

The outcome of the pre-test was evaluated by DCS working group. Final draft to be submitted. Department of Census and Statistics is planning to conduct an Economic Survey covering entire country which will generate most of data on the affected families.

The second LLRC recommendations was to ,’Take all necessary measures for implementation of the [Registration of Deaths Act] at the administrative level.. Give adequate publicity to the relevant provisions of the Act through media, Grama Niladharis etc., especially in the conflict affected areas.’

The progress has been-During 2011, 37 and 761 deaths were registered in the Northern and Eastern Provinces respectively. In 2012, these numbers were 38 and 801. In addition, 29 mobile services were held during 2011 in various DSDs in North and East to issue death certificates. Services were also held in Mullaitivu District Secretariat in September 2012.

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