Governor on Inspection Visit to Jaffna Railway Station – 09 February 2014

“Completing the railway line from Kilinochchi to Pallai is yet another milestone of the steadily progressing Northern Railway restoration project. The train, when it drove in from Killinochchi to reach Pallai, made history, giving hope to many thousands of residents of the area that the resumption of train services would soon recommence. According to the construction agency, Ircon International Ltd., the track works between Killinochchi and Pallai are fully completed, with a few finishing touches left to be completed shortly.

The reconstructed railway line from Omanthai to Kilinochchi was commissioned and dedicated to the public of Sri Lanka on 14 September 2013 by the President at a colourful ceremony held at the Killinochchi station yard. The reconstructed track was the first segment of the Omanthai – Kankasanthurai line. The second segment, Kilinochchi – Pallai, of approximately 30 kilometres is now being readied to be added to the railway network of the island nation.”

Governor of Northern Province GA Chandrasiri paid an inspection visit to the Jaffna Railway Station on 09th February 2014 and observed the reconstruction work of the station.

For almost three decades the Jaffna-Colombo train service was interrupted due to the civil war. After the end of the hostilities in 2009, the railway stations and tracks along the Vavuniya – Jaffna railway path have been reconstructed in a rapid phase. Now the train services extended till Kilinochchi station. It is expected that the train will hit the Jaffna station in April 2014.

Governor had discussion with the officials and instructed them to expedite the work.

Mother Sri Lanka representatives meet Governor – 18 October 2013

Mother Lanka

A delegation headed by Ms. Janaki Kuruppu – Chairperson and Founder of Mother Sri Lanka called on Governor of Northern Province GA Chandrasiri at his office on 18th October 2013.

Mother Sri Lanka which is an initiative of the President’s Office rolled out its’ initiative of engaging the next generation of Sri Lankans to understand the value of Responsible Citizenship, Unity and National Pride through the aptly named Project RUN in over 1300 schools covering all 25 districts of the country.

The project is to be extended to the Northern Province. Therefore the team met Governor and explained their activities and sought the support of the province to run the project successfully.

Moving forward after the recent Provincial Council election results

The results of the recent Provincial Council elections represent both an Opportunity and a Threat. For the government it also made clear both its Strengths and its Weaknesses. Whether however government is willing to, or capable of, making the sort of SWOT analysis that will enable it to go down to history as one that brought peace and prosperity to Sri Lanka remains doubtful.

The Opportunity presented was by the Northern Province. Though the TNA swept the poll, the voters have expressed a marked preference for the moderates amongst them. The choice of Justice Wigneswaran, which was welcomed by pluralists in the South, turns out to have been entirely justified, given how overwhelmingly he topped the preferential vote.

It is true that, during the campaign, he engaged in rhetoric that seemed to suggest sympathy for terrorism. But, as I told a friend who seemed unduly worried about this, having gone out on a limb as it were in approbation of the Wigneswaran candidature, such rhetoric cannot be avoided in such elections. DBS Jeyaraj, the most perceptive of Tamil journalists, had pointed out the possible danger of this, given that Wigneswaran had been nominated against the wishes, not only of extremists, but also of those in Jaffna who would have preferred a man of the area.

Jeyaraj, I think understandably, worried about whether Wigneswaran would become a victim of his own rhetoric, something that has happened to so many politicians in Sri Lanka, including sadly Mr Bandaranaike and Mr Chelvanayakam. But the reason I remain optimistic about Wigneswaran is that, even while he was breathing fire on the campaign trail, he was enunciating a very moderate and sensible point of view internationally, as in the brave interview he gave to the ‘Hindu’. In that he made it clear that excessive interference by politicians from Tamilnadu was not at all helpful.

His forthrightness there is the more to be admired because the bane of Tamil politics has been the tendency to be influenced by outside factors. As I told the British Foreign Office in 2009 (before the Ministry of External Affairs became paranoid about me, and inhibited such contact), they had every reason to tell us to talk to the Tamils of Sri Lanka. This we ourselves needed and wanted to do. But to preach to us about talking to the TGTE was outrageous, and indicative of their own selfish electoral interests rather than the concerns of Sri Lankan Tamils. Even Mr Sambandan, who is I think a good man, but weak, has tended to follow foreign advice, with disastrous consequences, as I believe happened when he advocated support for Sarath Fonseka in the 2010 Presidential election. I don’t think Mr Wigneswaran, though he will be forthright in pushing for rights and equitable benefits for the people of the North, will make that sort of mistake. Continue reading

Governor felicitates the Winners of National Tamil Language Day Competition


All Island Tamil Language Day 2013 competitions were held in Colombo Royal College on 13th July 2013. Northern Province competed in 50 categories including 40 individual performances and 10 group performances and possessed 24 first places, 08 second places and 04 third places. It should be noted that 9 first places were achieved through group performances.

The felicitation ceremony was held at Governor’s Secretariat on 16th July 2013. Governor of Northern Province GA Chandrasiri participated as the chief guest and appreciated and encouraged all the winners. The students from all five districts of the province took part at this ceremony.

Secretary to the Governor L.Ilaangovan, Secretary to the Provincial Ministry of Education S.Sathiyaseelan, Provincial Director of Education V.Selvarajah, zonal directors, principals and teachers also participated at this event.