His Holiness Pope Francis joins the holy mass at the Sacred Madhu Church – 14 January 2015

Pope Francis 14 Jan 2015His Holiness Pope Francis who arrived in Sri Lanka on January 13 visited Madhu, Mannar and joined the holy mass at the Sacred Madhu Church.

All religious leaders, Governor of the Northern Province GA Chandrasiri, Chief Minister of Northern Province CV Wigneswaran, Governor of North Central Province Karunaratne Diulgane and several dignitaries also participated at this event.

More than 600 thousand people visited Manner to receive his blessing.

Mass at Madhu Church 14 Jan 2015http://www.np.gov.lk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3257:his-holiness-pope-francis-joins-the-holy-mas-at-the-sacred-madhu-church-14-january-2015&catid=8:min-gs&Itemid=114