Opening Ceremony of Sales Centre Pasikkuda & East in Circuit Bungalow Pasikkuda

sales center

Opening ceremony of Dept. of Rural Industries newly constructed Sales Centre and East in Circuit Bungalow was held at Pasikkuda on 12th of July 2014. Hon. Minister of Agriculture, EPC Eng. Z.A.Nazeer Ahamad was the Chief Guest at this ceremony.

Mr. K.Pathmanathan, Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture, EPC, Dr. T.K.Thavarajan, Provincial Director of Dept of Animal Production and Health, Mr.T.M.L.D.Tennekoon, Provincial Director, Rural Industries,EPC, Mr.M.M.Nowfees Assistant Director, District office, Dept. of Rural Industries, Batticoloa , foreign Investors, Hotel owners and staff also participated at this ceremony.

New Sales Center for Dept. of Rural Industries, EPC Opened at Trincomalee


A new Sales Center for the Department of Rural Industries, EPC was opened by the Hon. Z.A. Nazeer Ahamed (Eng) Minister of Agriculture, EPC on 29.10.2013 at Trincomalee town.

Hon. W.G.M. Ariyawathi Galappaththi, Chairman of EPC, Hon. Anwar Ramlan Ahamed, Member of EPC, Hon. A.L.M.Nazeer, Member of EPC and Mr.K.Pathmanathan, Secretary to the Ministry of Agriculture, EPC. also participated at this event.