Sri Lankan & Indian Catholic Fishermen Get St Anthony’s Blessing at Kachchathivu Annual Feast


Annual feast of St. Anthony’s Church Kachchathivu on Sunday (16) drew a huge crowd from Sri Lanka and India. Over 5200 Catholic fishermen from both countries had arrived with their families to fill the small island where majority stayed their night with Sri Lanka Navy’s protection.

Sri Lanka Navy had taken necessary steps to provide security and all facilities including water, food, and medicine for the crowd. Vicar General Jaffna Rev. Fr. Dr. Justin Gnanaprakasam conducted the prayers. Rev. Fr. Sahayaraj of Rameswaram, Rev. Fr. Amal Raj of Delft and a large number of catholic priests also attended the feast.

Commander of the Army Lieutenant General Daya Ratnayake, Commander of the Navy Vice Admiral Jayanath Kolombage, Director General Coast Guard Rear Admiral Ravi Wijegunaratne and Commander Security Force – Jaffna Major General Udaya Perera were also among the participants.
Updated on 19.03.2014

Inadvertently, the name of Rear Admiral Sarath Dissanayake, Commander Northern Naval Area is not mentioned in the text above. He who coordinated the event on behalf of the Sri Lanka Navy too was among the distinguished crowd.

523 Brigade Encourages Youths for Vocational Training

2014_03_12_003An introductory lecture on vocational training and self-employment for unemployed youths in 52 Division area organized by the 4thth Mechanized Infantry Regiment (4 MIR) of Kankesanthurai was held at Headquarters 16th Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment (16 VIR) of Nunavil on Monday (10).

The workshop was organized to educate the youths on the demand for some skilled labour in society and motivate them to follow any kind of vocational training according their interest and skill.

Approximately 90 youths, both male and female attended the workshop. Mr. Suresh Kumar, an instructor of Jaffna Vocational Training Centre conducted the programme coordinated by the 523 Brigade of Allarai.

Army’s New Project Brings more Profit to Jaffna Milk Farmers

Security Force-Jaffna (SF-J) recently started a new project to buy milk from Jaffna dairy farmers enhancing their economy. The new project was initiated from February 13th on concept of the Commander SF-J Major General Udaya Perera.

The 5th Sri Lanka Army Service Corps (5 SLASC) of Kankesanthurai daily buys milk from farmers of Inuvil, Suthumalai and Ponnalai at collecting centres of Balasingham Thutharsan, Pathmanathan Thuvanthan and M. parameshwaran.

Milk farmers now get extra income by selling their products to the Army. They earlier got only Rs. 48/= per litre whereas Army is now paying Rs. 60/= per litre. It is the fervent hope of the Army to improve economy of dairy farmers of Jaffna and raise the life standard of their families through this project.

Milk bought from farmers is used by the 5 SLASC to produce yoghurt for soldiers. The battalion expects to expand the project to some other areas.

19 SLNG Arranges Donation of School Items

Kinder Helper Sri Lanka, a Non Governmental Organization based in Kekirawa, Anuradhapura, on request of the Army donated school items and uniforms worth of Rs. 200,000/= to students of 553 Brigade area.

With coordination of Commanding Officer 19th Sri Lanka National Guard (19 SLNG), 39 students of Veththilaikerny Roman Catholic Tamil Mixed school and 25 students of Veththilaikerny Parameswaran Maha Vidyalaya were handed over the donation by the organization at a ceremony held recently at Veththilaikerny Roman Catholic Tamil Mixed school.

Parents who were present on the occasion were also given packs of dry ration during the function.

President Kinder Helper Sri Lanka Mr. I.O. Venkulan, General Officer Commanding 55 Division Brigadier A. Kariyakarawana, Commander 553 Brigade Colonel S.P.V.S. Subhasinghe, principal of Veththilaikerny Roman Catholic Tamil Mixed school Mr. P. Thiruganathan and students, teachers and parents participated in the event.

Army Vacates more Civilians’ Houses

2014_01_26_3In another stage in the process of releasing civilians’ properties used by the Army, five Battalions withdrew from 23 houses in 51 Division area on Saturday (25).

Headquarters and company bases of 9th Sri Lanka National Guard (9SLNG), 23rd Gajaba Regiment (23 GR), 25th Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment (25 VIR), 11th Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment (11 SLSR) and 14thGemunu Watch (14 GW) were shifted to new camps handing back those houses to respective Divisional Secretaries in the presence of the owners.

General Officer Commanding 51 Division Brigadier Chula Abeynayake, Commander 511 Brigade Colonel Priyanka Fernando and Civil Affairs Officer 513 Brigade Lieutenant Colonel Sarath Amarasinghe handed over the documents with regard to release of the properties to Mr. S. Muralitharan, Mr. M. Pratheepan, Mr. Nantha Gopalan and Ms. S. Theivendran, Divisional Secretaries of Santhilppay, Thelippalai, Uduvil and Jaffna.

Process of releasing civilians’ properties in Jaffna was expedited on directives of the present Security Forces Commander (Jaffna) Major General Udaya Perera.

11 SLLI Troops & Villagers in Joint Shramadana to Repair Karainagar Beach Road

2013_11_18_1Responding to a request of J. Srikaran Ayyar Kurukkal, Chief priest of Kiluvankadu Arulmiku Sri Kandaswamy Temple and the villagers, troops of 11th Sri Lanka Light Infantry (11 SLLI) mended the road Karainagar beach road.

On directives of the Commanding Officer 11 SLLI Lieutenant Colonel Shashika Perera, soldiers filled the edges of the 1.2 km long road which had been neglected by responsible authorities over four years and cleaned either side in a shramadana campaign organized on Thursday (14).

Youths in the village also joined the soldiers in this Shramadana which would benefit nearly 100 families and tourists visiting the famous Casuarinas Beach.

Villagers revealed that many a request made to the Karainagar Pradeshiya Sabha with regard to inconvenience faced by them due to bad condition of this road fell in deaf ears.


51 Division Organizes Anti Dengue Programme

2013_12_11_1Jaffna, once reported the highest number of dengue victims in 2010 was later able to reduce its death toll within a couple of months having followed necessary preventive measures. Sri Lanka Army with the help of Northern Province Health Department authorities played pivotal role in controlling spread of dengue organizing shramadana campaigns to clean the environment and awareness programmes.

Continuing the same project, the 51 Division carried out a seven day anti dengue programme in Gurunagar, Suthumalai, Karainagar, Chullipuram, Kokuvil and Manippay areas from 29th November to 5th December.

Soldiers of all battalions serving under 511, 512 and 513 Brigades cleared garbage dumps and polluted wells and cleaned lands of public places such as religious places and schools.

Public Health Inspectors and civilians supported the soldiers to conduct shramadana in respective areas.


Army Releases more houses & lands to Civilians in Vadamaratchi East, Pachchilapallai and Valikamam areas.

civillian landsSome more houses and lands in Vadamaratchi East, Pachchilapallai and Valikamam areas, hitherto occupied by the Army, were released on Friday (23) after shifting those camps to government lands.

Commander Security Forces – Jaffna (SF-J) Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe delivered the documents related to the release of 51 acres and 7 houses in Uduththurai, Mamunai, Champiyanpattu and Pullopallai to the Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprises Development Mr. Douglas Devananda who subsequently handed them over to Civil Administrative Authorities. Camps were established in those areas by the Army in 2009 after defeating the LTTE terrorists in Humanitarian Operation.

Divisional Secretary Vadamaratchi East Mr. S. Saththiyaseelan, Administrative Officer Pachchilapallai Divisional Secretariat Mr. T. Suntharamoorth, General Officer Commanding 55 Division Brigadier Ajith Wijesinghe and a large crowd attended the handing over ceremony held at Thalaiady Central College. The 55 Division had arranged a donation of dry ration packs, each worth of Rs. 2000/=, for 75 low income families in the area on the same occasion.


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Six Camps of 52 Division Shifted from Civilians’ Lands


Ten houses and twenty nine acres of lands used by the Army in Jaffna were released to owners at a ceremony held in Eluththumadduval on Monday (26) with redeployment of six Army camps at Varani, Manthuvil, Iyaththalai, Ketpeli and Eluththumadduval including 522 Brigade Headquarters at Mirusuvil, Security Forces – Jaffna (SF-J) handed over those lands and houses to respective Civil Administrative officials.

Chief Priest of Ushan Hindu Temple, Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprises Mr. Douglas Devananda, Commander SF-J Major General Mahinda Hathurusinghe, Divisional Secretary Chavakachcheri Ms S. Shanthaseelan and General Officer Commanding 52 Division Brigadier Anura Sudhasinghe were present on the occasion.


55 Division Completes third Tamil language Course for soldiers


The third Tamil language course conducted by the 55 Division for soldiers serving in the 55 Division area ended on 31st May 2013 with a End of Course Concert presented in Tamil language by the participants.

Three officers and forty nine other ranks attneded the third Tamil language improvement course conducted for one month at the 55 Division Headquarters. This programme which commenced for soldiers to improve their communication ability with civilians in respective areas has helped the Army and civilian community to strengthen their rapport.

This Tamil language improvement programme in the 55 Division was started on directives of General Officer Commanding of the Division Brigadier Ajith Wjesinghe. Commander 552 Brigade Colonel Deepal Wanniarachchi attended the closing address of the course as chief guest.